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Woodcutting is a skill that involves the player using a hatchet to cut down tree for logs to use for other skills (Firemaking/Fletching) or even to sell. There are very few different hatchets in SoulSplit, some of which can only be obtained as drops from certain creatures.


Item Obtained By Level
Iron hatchet Iron hatchet

Bought from Bob at Neitiznot South or general store

Mithril hatchet Mithril hatchet Dropped by Ghosts 21
Rune hatchet inv Rune hatchet Bought from Bob at Neitiznot South 41
Dragon hatchet Dragon hatchet Dropped by Dagannoth Supreme 61


Tree Level Sir XP Lord XP Legend XP Extreme XP
Normal logs Normal 1 12.5k 1,250 125 25
Oak logs Oak 15 19k 1,900 190 38
Willow logs Willow 30 34k 3,400 340 68
Maple logs Maple 45 50k 5,000 500 100
Yew logs Yew 60 43k 8,750 875 175
MagicLogs Magic 75 53k 12.5k 1,250 250


Image Tree Location
119px-Normaltree Normal Tree sexy
132px-Oak Tree Oak Tree Lumbridge, Falador, Neitiznot North
110px-Willowtree2 Willow Tree Lumbridge, Draynor, Neitiznot North
Maple tree Maple Tree Seer's Village, Neitiznot North
140px-Yew tree Yew Tree Camelot, Lumbridge, Edgeville, Neitiznot North
Magic tree Magic Tree Range Guild, Mage Training Arena, Neitiznot North

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