Sir Owen’s Longsword is a melee weapon exclusive to accounts playing on Extreme Mode, it has the fastest attack speed of any weapon of any kind (range, mage, and melee) It is a great starting weapon. You first receive the weapon when you log in and pick the "Extreme" game mode. You can get the weapon back if you lose it, it can be obtained from the legends guard in lumbridge’s graveyard at a cost of 40million gp. (Currently not tradeable)

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Applications and UsesEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Some players use the Gravite Longsword to imitate the Sir Owen's Longsword as they are similar in appearance
  • The only two weapon classes faster than the Sir Owen's Longsword are throwing knives, and throwing darts,
  • The Sir Owen's Longsword is the only non Dungeoneering related weapon to always feature the stab animation
  • High alchs into 1gp (thanks to "lsdestroyer")