Nex (meaning "kill" or "slaughter" in Varg Vikernes) is the Zaros boss of the God Wars Dungeon with a combat level of 1001, currently making her  the strongest monster in soulsplit at the moment, its astounding 300k+ hitpoints make it extremly tough to beat and causes alot of focus, Nex uses magic as her main attack style and occasionlly if you're close enough she can melee you. I suggest bringing a few brews, restores, and a few pots to help increase your attack and increasing your survival. You can teleport to her lair by using the "Dungeon Teleport" then by clicking "Nex Lair" remember to pray magic, also be aware that if you bring a familar such as Yak, Steel Titan, etc. She will just drain its health and use it to restore hers, so remember not to bring a familar. The good thing about going to nex is if you die you DO NOT lose your precious items! So remember to bring your best gear and try your best to own 1 of the best monsters in SoulSplit! goodluck!