The King Black Dragon is one of the oldest bossses in the game and still retains a decent level of difficulty, but not just because it's strong. Suprisingly the KBD does not have any requirements to battle, meaning anyone of any level can take him on.  

Money MakingEdit

Due to the fact the King Black Dragon has drops like dragon claws which (when sold at the right time) can be worth up to 150 million gp, this meens the King Black Dragon makes for a great money making method for many players, although more experienced players are helpful to combat deep wilderness player killers.

To get to King Black Dragon you must click on dungeon teleport. Run straight into the graveyard where the lesser demons are. Once inside climb down the ladder where there should be a poisonous spider. Once in the cavern pull the lever near the ladder to teleport into the King Black Dragon's lair. Once inside pray mage or preferably soulsplit then precede to kill him. If you are using a crossbow, use dragon bolts (e). Beware, King Black Dragon does use a mage attack that can freeze you for some time so be careful about that if player killer's come.

It is very strongly not recommended that new/intermediate players venture towards the King Black Dragon's lair, because not only is he incredibly powerful, but any other player(s) can kill you while you are tackling him and take your items, resulting into a large loss of money. NOTE: KING BLACK DRAGON'S LAIR IS MULTI COMBAT AND THE WILDERNESS LEVEL IS 154!

One issue with money making of the KBD is that he is constantly being 'camped', which results in you only getting a drop (typically) only 1/5 of the time, and even less with a lower combat level or worse gear. This badly damages you money income. THIS PAGE IS A STUB: PLEASE HELP US BY EXPANDING IT