Corp beast

'The Corporeal Beast is currently the 3rd strongest boss in Soulsplit right after The Nex and Avatar Of Destruction. It was released on 15 September, 2008 with the Summer's End quest (In Runescape), and completion of the quest is required to fight it.'

It has a very high defence and 20,000 life points, making it challenging to solo. The Corporeal Beast will auto attack if you do not safespot in its Lair.

Corporeal Beast Information


The main location for killing the 'Beast' is in the Layer from the Spirit Dungeon, there are also two Frost Dragons here and this is the most popular spot for killing Frost Dragons.

Getting to the Spirit Dungeon is easy, (Games Necklace(8), you need to select Dungeon Teleport 2, then Spirit Dungeon) Follow the path round untill you reach the small cave which has the enter option. Click on here and you will enter the Lair, now take one of the magnets from next to the chest and use it on the Energy Barrier to pass through it, doing this will cause you to loose some lifepoints (200+). Once you are in there, you should use your potions and activate your melee prayer (if you are not safe spotting) or magic prayer if you are.

Then continue to attack the Beast remembering to keep potting and watching your health, using the safespots the kill should be very easy.

The Corporeal Beast is also Located in the Wilderness but due to Pkers it is rarely killed there. This Beast is almost always free.

Recently though the Beast has dropped no loots compared to the 5m+ loot that it used to drop, this was one on the best PvM methods to make money.