fishing guideEdit

here is another very simple guide to fishing :D)


step one:

tele port to catherby under skills tele on world 1 or 2 then switch to world 3

step two:

rune east and according to your level buy a small net,big net,lobster pot or harpoon 

step three:

according to your fishing level find a spot to fish the easyst ones are to the east they get harder as you go west or back torwards the bank

step four:

none besides have fun and level up :D)

xp tables (pvp world) suggested for all skillingEdit

for now im only doing legends xp rates probably will do other modes soon would help alot if some of you guys on diffrent modes would edit the xp rates into the table :D)

fish sir lord legends extreme
shrimp 75
mackeral 150
cod 337
tuna 600
lobster 750
bass 750
swordfish 750
shark 825
mantaray 1125

well there you go good luck to you enjoy   

~prime master