Firemaking is a skill which involves the player using a tinderbox on logs, there are many different types of logs listed below. A tinderbox can be bought a several shops throughout Soulsplit, such as the general store in Varrock town square.

Tree Level Sir XP Lord XP Legend XP Extreme XP
Normal logs Normal 1 1,000 80
Oak logs Oak 15 1,400 120
Willow logs Willow 30 1,800 180
Maple logs Maple 45


Yew logs Yew 60 2,600
MagicLogs Magic 75

Sir server guide to 99:

One inventory (about 26 logs because of the Tinderbox you need and Coins you reiceve) of (each) Normal and Oak logs with get you to 42 Firemaking.

From there, it takes 4 inventories of Willow logs (of 26 with a Tinderbox and the Coins) to get to 60 Firemaking.

It takes 2 inventories of Yews to get to 64 Firemaking.