This is basically about all the experience rates and how they effect the play time.

The different game modesEdit

In the game of SoulSplit there are four different types of game modes which can be played.

Sir: This game mode is genrally used by people who are new to the game and they have a massive experience rate. These account are rarely made by experienced players due to the XP rates being 'too easy.' The sir game mode also has decreased drop rates and also has prayer drain, the experience on Sir is 500x what it is on Extreme.

Lord: Lord mode is probably the least used game mode, due to people genrally jumping from Sir to Legend. This game mode has a 50x XP rate and this is alost a lot more easy than Extreme mode, this mode also does not have unlimited prayer but has an increased drop rate compared to Sir.

Legend: This is one of the common game modes, it has 5x increased XP rates than Extreme mode. This mode has unlimited prayer which is a great utility when training at Skelly Monkeys. (Ape Atoll) Also you have acess to the legends cape which can be recovered for free in Lumbridge. The drop rates are also increased. The max hit in legend mode is also greater.

Extreme: This is know
n as the hardes game mode. This mode is for players who know what they are doing and want to spend a lot of time on the game. The advantage of this mode is the acess to Sir Owne's Longsword which is the fastest melle weapon in the game. This sword is perfect for training. There is also no prayer drain and the Drop rate is the largest compared to all the other game modes. Hits are also increased.