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harder lvl

To start dungeoneering, you will need to bank all of your items, as this game does not allow any.

After you have deposited all your items, make your way to one of the 2 dungeoneering masters.

The most common one is the one at home

The second most common one is where you will end up after you finish/quit a dungeon

When you find one, right click him. You will be met with this menu. The numbers match the sub menus that follow it

You want to start by clicking "I would like to start Dungeoneering". You will be greeted with this menu: Click Small Floor 1 (Level 1)

After clicking "Small Floor 1" You will be teleported into the dungeon spawn room

You will start with this inventory

Equip your Novite Rapier and continue to the first dungeon room. When you enter, 2 monsters will spawn like this

After killing a monster, you will receive an item from armour/robes to ammo/weapons like this 

If you are running low on supplies, just find a usable Sarcophagus

You can choose to get

  • Super attack (3)
  • Super strength (3)
  • Prayer portion (3)
  • Ranging potion (3)
  • Magic potion (3)
  • Salve eels (fills in all empty spots in inventory)

Depending on what level you are and your stats, you will only need to visit this station once during a dungeon.

After the first room, you will encounter 3 more rooms till you reach the boss room. You can tell it's the boss because

  1. It will be a higher level that the monsters
  2. It will be marked with a yellow arrow

After killing the boss, you will not only receive 1 item, but 4 along with 1 powerful item.

Now, you would probably want to keep at least two items. you can bind them WHILE wearing them. Click "Bind Platelegs/Platebody" for example, under the quest tab.

When you are ready to leave, just find the ladder and click "Climb"

After clicking "Quit Dungeoneering" you will be teleported to this room. Your stats will be shown and all items will be removed

As you exit, no matter where you started, you will end up in Lumbridge.

If you want to check how many tokens you have, just click the quest tab and look for "Dungeoneering Tokens: (number)"

The most used spot for dungeoneering is behind the lumbridge furnace, there is a bank to deposit your items. The best teleport method is the home teleport.


Rewards In Shop
Dungeoneering Reward

Price or status

Dungeoneering Experience Not yet available
Arcane Pulse Necklace Not yet available
Twisted Bird Skull Necklace Not yet available
Law Staff Not yet available
Nature Staff Not yet available
Arcane Blast Necklace Not yet available
Split Dragontooth Necklace Not yet available
Arcane Stream Necklace 30k Tokens
Gravite Rapier 40k Tokens
Gravite Longsword 40k Tokens
Gravite 2h 40k Tokens
Gravite Staff Not yet available
Gravite Shortbow Not yet available
Magical Blastbox Not yet available
Tome of Frost 30k Tokens
Mercenary's Gloves 48.5k Tokens
Ring of Vigour 60k Tokens
Demon Horn Necklace Not yet available
Celestial Surgebox Not yet available
Sneekerpeeper Spawn (pet) Not yet available
Scroll of Renewal

38k Tokens

Scroll of Rigour 140k Tokens
Scroll of Augury 153k Tokens
Chaotic Rapier 200k Tokens
Chaotic Longsword 200k Tokens
Chaotic Maul 200k Tokens
Chaotic Staff 200k Tokens
Chaotic Crossbow 200k Tokens
Chaotic Kiteshield 175k Tokens
Eagle-Eye Kiteshield 175k Tokens
Farseer Kiteshield 175k Tokens
Bonecrusher 34k Tokens
Summoning Ring 120k Tokens
*note so far unlike the real RuneScape, none of the rewards have been noted to degrade*Edit