Dagannoth Prime

Combat Level 303

Daggonoth Prime is the magic-based king on Daggonoth Island. His magic attack can hit up to 600's and will kill you easily if you do not use Protect from Magic/ Deflect Magic. Dagnnoth Prime is a great way to make money on Soulsplit. Profits vary depending on whether you get rings or only bones. This Daggonoth king's weakness is range and using any side of the combat triangle (Melee, Magic) will get from a few kills to no kills at all.

Guide: Coming soon You can use any range gear set-up from welfare to Armadyl anything works as long as its range and pray as well.


Picture Always Drops Amount Dropped Price
Dagannoth bones Dagganoth bones 1x 500k-800k
Dagannoth hide Dagganoth hide 1x Junk

Items sometimes dropped:

Item Amount Dropped Price
Berserker ring Berserker's Ring 1x 8m-10m
Archers ring Archer's Ring 1x 2m-5m
Warrior ring Warrior's ring 1x 3m
Dragon med helm Dragon Med Helm 1x 500k
Dragon hatchet Dragon Hatchet 1x 5-8m
Staff Battlestaff 10x No Value
Earth Talisman Earth Talisman 58x (Noted) No Value
Rune arrows Rune Arrows 100x 1800gp each
Mud battlestaff Mud Battlestaff 1x 5-6m
Skeletal topSkeletal bottoms Skeletal Armor 1x (one piece at a time) 1-3m each