Combat Level 48

Baby Blue Dragons are the only baby dragons in the game and, though not popular with higher level players, some lower level players may seek them out for their bones if they aren't strong enough to kill real dragons, as their bones are better than Big Bones.


Picture Always Drops Amount Dropped Price
Baby dragon bones Babydragon Bones x1 100k-150k
Crimson charm Crimson Charm x1 Not for sale

Items sometimes drops:

Item Amount Dropped Price
30px-Coins detail Coins x1,000-1,500 1.000-1,500 gp
Rune arrows Rune Arrow x20 1k-3k ea.
Death Rune Death Rune x20 600 gp ea.
Blood Rune Blood Rune x25 500 ea.
Uncut dragonstone Uncut Dragonstone x1 Junk

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