Arzinian Avatar of Strength

The Avatar of Strength can be a decent way to make money, it is not exactly Ideal as it is very dangerous to fight, for several reasons:

1. All 3 avatars are in the same area and they can all kill you in 2-3 hits if not using protection prayers.

2. They are in level 40 wilderness so PKers like to hangout in this area

3. It is a multicombat area, so if your not paying attention, another avatar can come over and kill you while you are fighting this one.

4. He has the lowest attention radius of all the avatars, so the other 2 are bound to attack you while you try to get it's attention.

To get to the Avatar of Strength, simply teleport to them using the Games Necklace(8) and he is the very first one you will see (closest to the exit).


Item Amount Dropped Price
Vesta's chainbody Vesta's Chainbody x1 35m-40m
Vesta's-plateskirt-inv Vesta's Chainskirt x1 35m-40m
Vesta's-spear-inv Vesta's Spear x1 25m-30m
Statius-full-helm-inv Statius's Full Helm x1 20m-35m
Statius's-platebody-inv Statius's Platebody x1 30m-35m
Statius's-platelegs-inv Statius's Platelegs x1 30m-35m

Still under construction and some information maybe be somewhat incorrect...