Abyssal whip detail

Abyssal whips are the abyssal demon's primary drop many aim for. Players can grab itand use it as a powerful one-handed melee weapons which require 70 Attack to equip. The whip is among the most powerful non-degradable melee weapons and is capable of attacking at the same speed of daggers and scimitars at 2.4 seconds per hit. It may only be obtained as a drop from abyssal demons, which require a slayer level of 85 to attack, or by trading with another player. Although, in some cases, it requires less than 50 slayer.

Abyssal Whips sell for around 15-20 million gp.

Whips can also be obtained by opening a mystery box, you can obtain a mystery box from the SoulSplit shop located on the offical SoulSplit website.

250px-Abyssal demon

A photo of an Abyssal Demon.




Many players make use of the whip's fast attack speed, high offensive bonuses, and moderate cost to train. However when comparing a whip to a chaotic longsword, it is important to note that even though a whip attacks faster, the chaotic longsword has higher damage. If accuracy is ignored, a simple equation can be made to calculate damage/second: strength/speed. In this case, for a whip, this comes out to 672/2.4=280. A chaotic longsword has 980/3=326.6. Not to mention the chaotic longsword has higher accuracy making it better than a whip overall.